About Us

Dance phones is an online service that caters to all citizens in the UK who are currently having problems securing a mobile phone plan due to bad credit. Our website acts as a gateway to all the newest information, reviews, deals and offers on bad credit mobile phone contracts from the best mobile service providers in the country.

Our vision is to eliminate the stigma that people with bad credit suffer, especially when it comes to applying for a mobile phone contract. We believe that with the mobile phone's rising importance in all aspects of our lives, everyone deserves to have one, even people with bad credit. Having low credit scores should not hamper your ability to communicate with others and live a normal lifestyle.

It is our philosophy to help people with bad credit save money and avail of unique benefits by offering versatile and relevant mobile phone contracts. Apart from being experts in this field, we are also consumers ourselves. We know how it feels to budget our pay check up to the last pound. We know how irritating it is to pay too much for a mobile phone service that doesn't even meet our needs. It is our most sincere wish that other consumers, especially those who are already going through tough financial hardships, avoid problems like these.

Information released on our website is always up-to-date and accurate, with most facts coming straight from the providers themselves. Our data is delivered in a comprehensive, yet simple manner, so you can make informed choices easily. We cut the complicated telecommunication terminology as much as possible, and give you the details you need to know the most as consumers.