Acquiring the Latest Handset with Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contracts

Passing by the store, you lay your eyes on the most gorgeous handset you've ever seen. Aside from its sleek, attention-grabbing design, it also boasts a long list of advanced and unique features. You want to grab that handset immediately, but there's only one problem: you're in the red financially.

Aside from having a bad credit rating, you also struggle to make ends meet with your pay check. You have to cut luxuries out of your budget, as you're having problems eating three square meals a day. So how can you afford such a handset? With a mobile phone contract, of course!

There is no magic trick; however, and you can't own that handset with a flick of the wrist. As with most things, you have to work for it. But at least bad credit mobile phones will give you the opportunity – all you need is patience and dedication to paying your monthly bills.

How Does It Work?

So how do you get the latest handset with bad credit mobile phone contracts? It's no secret that if you have bad credit, providers won't even offer you the latest handset. You can't really blame them – nobody in their right mind would hand over an expensive, brand new handset to a person who has a history of running away from their financial obligations.

So what do you do? Simple: you have to earn their trust. First off, you need to guarantee yourself an approval. What are the best ways to guarantee a bad credit mobile phone approval? Here are some options:

  • SIM-only plans – if you have an old handset lying around, this is the best course of action, and one that will guarantee the most success in your contract application, no matter how low your credit score is.
  • Refurbished phone plans – Some providers include second-hand handsets on their list of offers. While this may seem sketchy to you, the second-hand phones offered by these providers are in pretty good shape.
  • Pay an upfront deposit – If you want a mid-range to a somewhat high-end phone, paying an upfront deposit is your best bet. An upfront deposit lessens your risk factor in the eyes of the provider, because it decreases their potential losses in case you default on your bills.

You can choose whichever option is most preferable to you, since all of them lead to the same goal – the newest and latest handset. It's no easy feat, and it needs a lot of patience to pull-off. What's important is you get approved for a mobile phone contract first. Once that happens, all you need to do is be diligent in paying your bills.

Here's a thing that most consumers don't understand: your mobile phone company notices the good along with the bad. Most providers send offers to bad credit mobile phone plan clients who are doing well on their monthly payments. There offers are either invitations to upgrade to a normal mobile phone plan (as opposed to a bad credit one), or invitations for upgrades or trade-ins. Six months down the line you might be able to upgrade to a better monthly plan that hopefully includes the newest handset! The best part about it is that if you had originally bought the phone outright, there are fewer opportunities for trade-ins and upgrades later on when a new one comes out, while if you're under a mobile phone contracts, it's easy to always get the latest handsets, as long as you pay your bills well.