I have a poor credit score. Can I still apply for your service?

Yes. On the contrary, our service was created specifically for the purpose of helping people with bad credit scores secure an affordable, yet fully-functional mobile phone plan.

  How long should I wait after I send in the application?

Once you send in your application, it may take us a few hours to find a mobile phone plan provider that matches your needs and preferences. We'll also make sure that the provider we recommend will give you the highest success rate among others. Once we've found ideal matches, we'll get back to you with a list of potential providers.

  After I choose a provider, how long will it take for me to receive my phone?

Once the contract has been finalized and signed by you, your handset will be delivered to you within 24 to 48 hours. If you can't wait that long, you also have the option of picking it up directly from our partner's offices.

  Are you sure you can guarantee a mobile phone plan to people with a really low credit rating score?

There's no service in the world that can guarantee 100%, especially since there are factors outside of our control. However, based on our statistics, our success rate is just below 100%, and most rejections arise out of technicalities, like incompletely filled-out forms, unresponsive clients, and dishonesty during the interview and form application.

  Will I receive help from you after I get the list?

Once you receive the list of recommended offers from us, you are free to proceed and speak to our partners on your own. However, if you need help or if you feel like your chances of approval are still weak, we are more than willing to answer questions and guide you throughout the entire process, up until you successfully receive your handset.

  I've tried other bad credit mobile phone deals and I still get rejected because of my extremely low credit rating. What should I do?

Even though bad credit mobile phone plan providers don't discriminate according to your credit rating, it is still understandably difficult for them to trust someone with an extremely low credit score, especially if the handset in question is the latest one. Try applying for a handset that's not so in-demand, or better yet, get a SIM-only plan for starters to guarantee success. You can always opt for an upgrade or trade-in later on.

  How long is the contract duration for these bad credit mobile phone plans?

Contract durations are usually dependent upon what the provider and consumer agree on; however, typically these contracts last from 12-24 months

  What happens if I get rejected on my bad credit mobile phone application?

Our service is still here to guide you, even in the event of a rejection. Most rejections are due to minor technicalities, like an error in your application. In cases like these, we correct the mistakes easily and re-send the application. Sometimes, we re-adjust client expectations – most of the time rejections are due to clients pushing for the latest and newest handsets or premium monthly tariffs. While our partner providers are flexible and understanding, it is often difficult to gain an approval if you have bad credit, yet your preferences are too high.